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Take control of your unstructured data.
Run millions of experiments.

DagsHub simplifies the process of building better models and managing unstructured data projects by consolidating data, code, experiments, and models in one place.

Over 35,000 data scientists and 700 organizations use DagsHub

Bring structure to your unstructured ML projects

Dataset Management

Collect, curate, annotate, visualize, and version your unstructured datasets

Experiment Tracking

Track your experiment
progress, understand trends, and compare results

Model Registry

Manage your models and deployments in one place

Data & Model Lineage

Trace your work from the production model, through experiment to the source datasets

Over 35,000 data scientists and 700 teams build ML with Dagshub

Guy Rosin
Applied Scientist

Since we started using Dagshub, we have been able to significantly reduce the time it takes to run experiments. With streamlined experiment management and version control capabilities, we can quickly iterate and optimize our models, leading to faster results and more efficient workflows. This has been a game-changer for our team at Mana.bio.

Hwan Goh
Head of Machine Learning

DagsHub has been an integral part of our success. We needed an organized framework for our ML workflows and DagsHub’s philosophy and tools made it the perfect fit. We’ve been using DagsHub for a long time and can’t imagine working on ML projects without it.

Isaak Faber
Director of AI Development

As an ML practitioner and instructor DagsHub is pretty amazing. Designed near perfectly for collaborative data science and just as good for teaching. It has integrations with everything you need: GitHub, MLflow, Label Studio, and DVC. Do yourself a favor and check out DagsHub. It has a small learning curve but once you do one project you’ll have a hard time using anything else.

Francesco Curia
Head of Data & AI

My team can’t stop talking about DagsHub. It’s a tool that truly empowers us to autonomously manage our entire data science projects. DagsHub simplifies the process of ingesting and sharing data for production, making life much easier for our data scientists.

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